Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm a mommy penguin

It's been a crazy week. I know it's not going to let up until the end of July. That's why I keep praying for patience and guidance.
This semester is a doozy for DH and he's starting to show it more and more. It's human and natural but it is also very hard for someone who loves said person to be in the fray of it and not be able to do anything.
I've learned to take a step back, allow him to vent and just let him be.
It's made tougher by the fact our daughter sees this and is a compassionate person and wants to 'help' her daddy as well.
I know it will be fine and the Lord will guide us but for now, we must take it one day at a time.
On the incubation front, ToF is moving around like you wouldn't believe. I relay it as an inside joke as ToF and I are pretty much the only folks that know about it. We can proclaim it but really, you don't know what it feels like unless you have a human being inside of you doing somersaults.
TG is on a pretending to be a penguin kick. She's a penguin that likes fish and oranges and being curled up in my pink pregnancy pillow. (Yes, the same one that DH bought for me on Valentine's Day many moons ago.) I'm mommy penguin and obviously, daddy is daddy penguin.
Her friend, Ev, is on a baby sea lion kick. As a baby sea lion, he doesn't speak. He's a quiet sea lion.
Hey, this is the time for the imagination to blossom (psychological development-wise). We're going with the flow. Heck, I think I mentioned TG's fascination with a 4-5 year old spiderman that frequents our park. Kids have crazy imaginations and that's so cool. I hope it doesn't become stifled.
On my front, aside from the stress of watching my spouse stress out, I'm just trying to take things one thing at a time. I'm working on my plays well with others and I'm trying to enjoy the moments. Oh and I'm also shlepping to and fro with my 30+ lb bag.