Saturday, June 04, 2011

15 minutes to put on shoes and pants but we're doing it by ourselves.

TG had her first slumber party (pseudo) this weekend.
We went up to our friend's summer home to spend the night.
The kids, Tuna and TG, had a blast.  They hiked the trails together.  Tuna picked flowers while TG asked what everything was.  Even Tasha came for the night.
The kids even took a quick bath together.  Boy did that bring back memories from my childhood.
TG is also becoming more and more independent.  She wants to put her pants on by herself.  She wants to put her shoes on by herself.  She even wants to put our shoes on for us.
She tried putting our socks on for us.
The biggest growth update is that she now prefers to use the adult toilet.  She has a stepstool/kid seat that goes on top of it so she happily toddles up to do her business.
This does save us from having to wash the portable loo.
We still use our portable potty in the car but at home, she wants to use her 'white' potty.
She also seems to have a growing attention span which falls in line with her age, I suppose.  She's not going to sit through an entire mass without wanting to explore but she can complete an art project and even help with prep work for cooking.
I was thrilled that we finished an art project together yesterday and she pretty much did everything.
We made stained glass butterflies to go with her interest in butterflies.  We spent the morning exploring the park and garden.  
Later in the afternoon, she colored in tracing paper with her markers.  She even helped me cut out a body out of black construction paper.  We then crinkled the tracing paper into balls and tore her colored pieces into tiny pieces.  We placed the construction paper body onto contact paper and she pressed the tracing paper pieces into the wings.  Afterwards, she helped me laminate it and she happily flew around the house with her new butterfly.  She even put it in her tricycle trunk, a sure sign she was proud and wanted to show off her new friend.
I'd post a picture but I'm still backlogged from my mactop crashing 3 weeks ago.  I haven't updated our family journal in ages and it's getting to be a big project now.
Trust me when I say, it's a mighty fine butterfly.
Oh, and I used to think it was silly for toddler to take yoga class.  Not anymore.
Today we went to a kids festival and TG fell in love with yoga for kids.  She did not want to leave.  She kept saying, "I want to go to class!"
Of course, these classes are downtown.  I asked the owner the name of the instructor as TG took to her and was the most interactive with a stranger that I have ever seen.  Now to convince DH yoga for kids is something worthwhile.
Finally, on the ToF front, he/she is moving around like you would not believe and seems to prefer to hang out low.  I'm hoping this means an quick and easy labor but that's probably wishful thinking.  It's funny with ToF, I get a lot of rippling.  It sort of tickles.  I don't recall having that with TG.  With TG it was more like big giant slow movements as if she was rolling over.  Imagine you rolling over in your sleep.  
I have to admit though whenever DH interacts with ToF a big grin goes on my face and I can feel my whole body relaxing.  I wish he'd do it some more.  I know he's got a lot going on though.
This semester he has two classes.  I pray every night that he does well and TG, ToF and I have patience as we do miss him immensely.  He was so excited this week.  It was like watching a kid getting ready for the new school year.  Instead of buying a new backpack and a pencil case (do kids still do that?), he went and got a haircut and bought new sunglasses.
I really am proud of him though and I just want him to be happy and find something that makes him happy.  Life is too short to be doing something, career-wise, you don't enjoy.