Monday, June 20, 2011

Partly cloudy

I think the one thing about this pregnancy that I'm fighting is the inevitability that I am subjecting myself to another round of exhaustion.
It's still fairly in my mind.  Most moms have that lovely ability to forget about the crazies that are associated with a newborn.  We aren't waiting that long so although it's not as fresh as it would be for Irish twins, it's still in our memories.
Anyway, things are well and we're pretty happy.  It's hectic as usual but we know it will be fine.
Actually, it's not the exhaustion so much that I'm thinking about but the damn blur.  Yes, I have an official name to it thanks to Mommyland.
It's the damn haze you live in the first three years of your child's life.  It's as if you have permanent vision problems in your head.  You're so busy juggling a million things, parts of your brain that control clarity can become distorted.  For an introvert with logical tendencies, this drives me freaking nuts.
I am wholeheartedly jumping back into the damn haze.  I made the choice. 
Now I'm not saying I'm out of the haze now, so I suppose that's some solace.  Honestly, I don't think Moms get out of the haze completely but I was at least feeling a little back to normal.  Ah, the beauty of motherhood.  The guilt, the joy, the stress and the haze.