Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First parent-less class. A milestone for both TG and me.

TG took her first without parent class today. She was the only kid that didn't look around for her parent. I was pretty proud. She was also the youngest and the only kid without any experience. She held her own though and I'm pretty proud of her.
So far, it's a small class which I like and hope we can take to our advantage. She's still very young and her attention span isn't quite there yet with the 3-4 year olds in her class but I know it will eventually. She was extremely outgoing and was pretty pumped the entire class. She followed instructions well. She of course was the first in the group to want to jump ahead before all the instructions were doled out. She was willing to try most things and knew when her comfort zone had been surpassed but didn't meltdown. She simply told the instructor that's it and stopped at her threshold.
There was one boy who seemed to be taken with TG and did the usual, I'll tackle you and bump into you because I like you routine. She seemed to take it in stride and knew he wasn't being malicious.
I think we may have found our summer class. It's a bit on the expensive side but I think we both need this. We both like the instructors. The facilities are nice. She's like a sponge now and this is a great learning experience, physically, emotionally and mentally. I'm comfortable with not being a part of the class here.
I wondered how I'd take that and I was really comfortable with this. I think it also helps as this class doesn't tell you to just leave and come back in an hour. You can stay and watch behind a window. Another mother told me the first parentless class she took her child to, they told her to leave and not come back into the building until the class was over. She said that was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for her.
I asked the instructor for the general schedule for each class and common terminology so I can add it to our daily conversation. I figure the best way to take advantage of this class is to incorporate and discuss on a daily basis. Just like with school, I can't expect my child to get the most out of something without being an active part of it and trying to incorporate it in our every day.
At the end of the class, TG received a green stamp of a star award. She immediately grabbed my hand and asked her teacher if I could have one. I declined but hey, maybe I should have gotten one too. It was a big day for both of us.