Thursday, June 09, 2011

In love aka driving each other mad

DH and I have been testy with each other these last two days and I think I know why. Don't gag, but I think we truly love each other and that's why we're at each other's throats. This new semester of classes is heavy with intensive reading. I've been trying to help him by taking care of things to allow him to read but in the process he's stressing that his pregnant wife is walking around trying to take care of everything. He wants me to rest. I want him to do well at school and not be encumbered by the hum drum dailies.
We're hoping next week will be easier as the schoolwork for the classes appears to level off next week. Until then we try to stay out of each other's way and help each other at the same time. All I can do pray and thank the Lord for the ability to do this.