Sunday, June 05, 2011

He had a choice between a hand towel or a body towel.

Ok, is it wrong of me to almost pee myself watching my husband cover himself with a bright blue penguin hand towel while sitting on the pot?
I've known for quite some time TG has mastered the art of opening the bathroom door.  DH discovered this fact this morning while on the pot.
I ran in after hearing cries of, "Honey, some help here please."
Remember DH has never and does not plan to ever allow our TG into the bathroom when he is in there for anything other than a shave.
I enter to see him trying to cover his bits with a penguin hand towel trapped on the bowl while our toddler was peppering him with questions.
I was able to compose myself to the point where I told TG we had to give him some privacy.
"But I need to use the potty."
Of course with the new white potty, she doesn't want her red portable potty.  Surprisingly she said she'd wait.
She still didn't want to leave though so I had to explain that Daddy was pooping and it would be stinky soon.  Immediately, she covered her nose and ran out exclaiming, "Tell me when you are done Daddy.  I have to pee pee."
After this morning, all I can do now is smile.