Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inquiring minds want to know...

At art class we focused on volcanos last week.  It's a little advanced for a 2 year old but heck, who doesn't like foaming baking soda and vinegar.
My kid pronounces volcano, 'concano', as in container cano.  I guess it makes sense in her etymology.  Heck, it makes sense to me.
We tried teaching the kids the words lava and eruption.  Apparently lava wasn't popular.  A few folks like 'eruption'.  My daughter said it was 'foaming bubbles'.  Heck, again, makes sense to me.
Anyway, like all mamas, I went home and began researching volcanos and preschool kids.  You would be surprised that there isn't much info on volcanos for the preschool set.  The books are advanced.  The closest book I found was about a magic bus going under the sea to see the volcanos and even that was a bit too much for a 2-3 year old.
Still, we had fun. 
I talked about whether we though the lava (orange/red bubbles) were hot or cold.  TG said that the dial in the bathroom shows red equals hot so it's hot.  Smart kid.
We also talked about if the volcano mountain was steep.  Steep is a big thing now as she's riding her tricycle everywhere and we live in the highest point in Manhattan.
She isn't quite there yet with some of the steeper hills but she does try.  She'll say, "I need to use my can do muscles."
Yes, Can Do Muscles is her invention.  They are the muscles that can do the job.  She knows she can do it and she needs to practice using her can do muscles.   I swear my kid should write a dictionary.
The week before last we talked about clouds and the different shapes and colors they make.  We also talked about how clouds can be like sponges and hold a lot of rain but eventually it must fall down to the earth.
We took cotton balls and a small container of water and watched how the cotton balls went from light and fluffy when dry to heavy and solid when wet.  I love it when simple experiments get the point across.
As you can tell, science seems to be of interest right now so we are trying our best to keep up with it but keep it light and airy.
I think we are heading to the who, what, when, where, how and why phase of preschoolians.