Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Slumber Party

After prayers last night, TG looked up at me and whispered, "Mama, you are my best friend."

Now if she was older, I probably wouldn't take this the same way but since she is nearly 3, my heart melted.

30 minutes later when she has expended almost every arsenal in a toddler's sleep procrastination, I nearly lost it.

PG: Honey

TG: Yes, Mama.

PG: No more water. No more potty. No more stories. No more backrubs. No more tissues. No more water for mommy. No more songs. It's time for bed. We've been at this for 30 minutes. This is getting ridiculous. It's time to be quiet and rest.

TG: crying
TG: Yes, Mama.
PG: Why are you crying?
TG: Because I am sad and I want to cry.
PG: Ok, you can cry if you are sad. Hold onto your Jay Raffe and go to bed now.
TG: {sob} ok. …… Mama?
PG: Yes.
TG: I want to go to Central Park.
PG: It' s nighttime. Everyone is asleep. Good night.
TG: Ok.

And I don't know what happened but like that she fell out. What is it about kids? One minute they are totally exhausted fighting sleep. The next minute they are out as if someone hit them with a rock.