Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happiness and a 30+ lb backpack

I had a wonderful day with TG today. It was the kind of day I was hoping to have this week and I received it. Thank you, Lord. The day started with us heading to scope out birthday celebration ideas. I got a little mini-massage via a massage chair I think I may take on as my lover. Bonus!
Then we meandered around the city and made our way to my daughter's favorite water park. We made it home and went for a quick trip to her favorite playground and then headed home for dinner, bath and bedtime.
Sure it was hot. Sure carrying a stroller, toddler, a baby in my belly and a 30+ lb backpack (portable potty, change of clothes, food, toys, sunscreen (aka toddler essentials) etc) was a bit tiring but we didn't have any tantrums and we seemed to be really having a good time.
It was one of the many things I thank the Lord for tonight during prayers.
I wonder how it's going to be when ToF arrives. I suppose we'll try to have some one-on-one time with each child.
I just am living on the high I have with this day right now. It made me so happy that I was smiling all through dishwashing, cooking dinner and packing our bags for tomorrow's excursions.
By the way, when do the bags get lighter? Seriously. I feel like they are heavier now then before. When they were infants and pre-crawling, the heaviest thing I had was probably carrying my child. Now I'm a real sherpa just to go to an outing for more than 4-5 hours.
Anyway, the big bonus was the day apparently left a big impression on TG as she at an entire turkey leek slider for the first time. I think she even asked for more, but we quickly segued to her usual yogurt before bedtime.
I've been worried these last few days as she hasn't been eating much protein. Then again it is hot and now one wants anything too heavy in their tummies.
I'm trying a new approach. Since it's hot and humid these days, instead of packing a lunch meal that may spoil (ie. pasta w. meat sauce, warm burgers, etc), I pack plain whole grain pasta, fruits and veggie credit. Sometimes she eats the veggies, sometimes not. Either way, come dinner time, I cut back on the carb and serve mostly meat/veggie combos. We'll see how this goes.
Oh and I have a mama guilt thing going on. For the first time, I lost her lovey. I truly lost it. I think someone took it from our area or I left it. Either case, I have the backups thank heaven. On that front, TG turned to me in bed and started laughing saying that Jay Raffe's neck seems bigger. Oy, is she on to me?