Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"In my happy home"

Lrudlrick decided it might be fun to check out two bedroom apartments in the area. So armed with The New York Times Real Estate section, we perused the area apartments on Sunday. We learned that living in a gigantic one bedroom in an art deco building will make just about any apartment look small and stark.

My husband wasn’t so keen on the model apartments we saw in a new building that is being erected. Sure, the kitchen looked like one from The Food Network and the two bathrooms were modern works of art but the rest of the apartment looked like a Volvo. I felt like I was in a box the entire time.

Another apartment we saw was much smaller but had more personality. The kitchen was in dire need of an upgrade though. In true NYC style, the current owners have a tiny stove and no counter space. The owner placed a butcher block on top of the four mini burners as a workspace. Lrudlrick looked into the kitchen and immediately said I wouldn’t be able to cook like this.

As we walked home, Lrudlrick declared, “We do have a giant apartment.” Is he finally feeling what I was feeling during his initial “Let’s move to a house” phase? This is the first apartment I really put my heart into and it’s going to be a bear trying to leave it.