Friday, May 27, 2005

"I can’t, I can’t, I can’t stand losing"

A few people have asked me about ‘24’ and the finale.

To recap, I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday catching up on 6 hours of ‘24’, forsaking sunlight, chores, meals and all other DVR’d programs so I could at last enjoy the two hour finale last Monday.

At Monday at precisely 10pm, disaster struck when we discovered our DVR taped VH1’s “Maxim’s excuse to show 100 hot females in bikinis and nighties.” Email me if you want a copy, although VH1 is notorious with it’s repeats.

Sure, I could got to The 24 Insider and get spoilers or even wait around to read the recap but it’s not the same.

Thankfully our friend, Colin, DVR’d it and burned a copy for us. Sure we can transmit it to each other’s DVR but it’s more fun to have Hubby transport the ‘goods’ through midtown. Lrudlrick called me on Tuesday at 10pm, “We’ve made contact. The package is in play. I repeat the package is in play.” I had to stop chopping the onions and garlic to avoid chopping a digit off.

pg: Return to home base. Return to home base. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.
L: Copy. I’m on my way.

Lrudlrick got home. We ate our dinner faster than a child anxious to get more play outdoors before the sunset. We plopped our asses on the sofa, dimmed the lights and pressed play.

Tick tick tick tick. Yes! Finally we get to see what happens to Jack, the Chinese, Marwan and Wannabe Nixon.

Just as Michelle received the second call from Mandy, click.

L: What’s going on?
pg: I don’t know.
L: Why does the logo say ‘UPN’? Is that Corbin Bernsen?
pg: I don’t know but that looks like the girl from American Pie.

Damn you, cruel fate that is ‘24’! Damn you! I’ve dedicated my entire tv season to watch you. Why?

We called our friend and he said that his DVR probably did that by accident and to fast forward a half hour. Faster than a rolling O, Lrudlrick hit the fast forward button hoping we’d catch up to the last hour. Thankfully it was there.
We spent the next ten minutes reading the timeline and then continued.

For all that we went through, the finale has definitely peaked my interest for Day 5. I mean, what else can possibly happen? I have my ideas but I’ve got until the end of the year to share them. BTW, Lrudlrick, Chloe would not make a good match for Jack.
Next year though, I'll try to keep up and watch the "events happen in real time."