Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"It's time for Paw Wipe.. (oh oh yeah yeah) Paw Wip-ing..."

Working so close to our apartment has left me as the default for everything doggie. I walk the dogs in the morning. I walk the dogs when I get home. If there is a get together after work, I need to go home, walk the dogs then go back out. My husband usually makes it to the function on time and I’m scrambling to get my ass there before it’s over. I was even late for the baseball game last week because I had to rush home for the dogs. By the time I got my drink from the concession stand, we were on the 4th inning and everyone left by the 6th.

Lrudlrick walks them when he gets back from his martial arts or gym sessions. He takes them on the weekend so I suppose it balances out.

I am peeved at the fact that when he does walk them, he will ask me to wipe their paws and bums. Yes, we wipe bums and paws before we allow them back in the house. We live near the park so you would not believe what they can track in.

Personally, I know it’s not a big deal so I just do it but it drives me nuts that he asks me while I’m doing things, like making dinner or folding laundry or really engrossed in an article or picking up his droppings. I never ask him to wipe dog ass when I walk them. True, he’s not home most of the times but still, when he is home, I do it.

I just dislike how he assumes I’ll be home for them even on days he’s scheduled to come home on time. It would be nice to be able to get home and not have to worry about the dogs once in awhile. Instead, I’m walking the dogs and wondering where my husband is and when is he going to be home. My logic is simple. If there isn’t any big function or if his gym bag and rollerblades are still by the door, then I can assume he’s heading home after work. Unfortunately my logic doesn’t really work.

BTW, my husband goes to the gym a lot so it’s not like the clothes marinate for long but he leaves his old clothes in there until he’s ready to go to the gym again. Why can’t men unpack the sweaty socks when they get home? Instead I find them all crumpled, crunchy and balled in the hamper. I’ve stopped complaining since he’s taken over laundry duty. He washes, dries and I fold. It seems to be working out.

Tonight, I hoped to do some errands before heading home. I IM’d him to make sure that he’d be home for the dogs. That innocent IM has turned into me walking the dogs and picking up his dry cleaning. Oh, and he did get tickets to the midnight show so I’ve got that in store for tonight. $5.00 he’ll ask me to walk the dogs while he picks up the car and after the movie so he can park the car.

We’ve hired dog walkers in the past. It worked out for a while but then they got used to the multiple walks and the weekends were spent rushing home to make sure the dogs had their walk. Plus, explaining to our family that we pay a person to walk our dogs was getting a bit tiring. “They’re robbing you blind.” “Ok, ma.”

Again, I’m not angry or disgruntled. Heck, if it really was a problem, the simple solution would be to get rid of P and Z. But I love them and I’ll do what I have to do to make sure my cheap rugs don’t get soiled. I just wish they’d learn to use the damn toilet already.

And yes, the title are the lyrics I sing to "Car Wash" when I wipe their paws.