Sunday, April 03, 2011

ToF and Food

My husband asked me today if my cravings are different this time around than last.
Yes, things are a tad different.
ToF likes italian sweet sausage.
ToF likes jamaican meat patties. (one item that is not a standard in our menus.)
ToF likes salmon.
ToF likes crudite.
ToF likes milk.
ToF does not prefer pasta.
ToF does not prefer pasta sauce.
TG loved pasta and pasta sauce. I couldn't get enough of it.
Funny thing is I make pasta and pasta a sauce daily for our kid. At least it's not like TG and garlic. When TG was incubating, just chopping garlic sent waves of nausea up my nostrils and through my nerves.
I will say there is an odd thing going on that I don't recall with TG.
I've heard of this before but didn't understand it until now.
Occasionally, I get the pangs of hunger that stop all other thoughts from coming into my brain. During this time, the cravings are hard but the idea or thought of eating just turns my stomach. It's bizarre. How can a person be hungry but not want to eat? Well, I can tell you it happens and it ain't pretty my friend. Seriously, the idea of chewing sometimes makes me sick.
I have to say though I think I'm blessed so far with no severe hyperemesis. Aside from occasional nausea, things are good.
Of course, a good chunk of sleep would be nice but any mom will tell you, with a toddler in tow, that's not happening.