Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregnancy hormones a-flaring...

What the hell is with the third degree?
Now I just spent an hour being interrogated about whether or not I have decided my eldest child will start school early now that a baby is on the way.
First, what is it your business and second, I understand your thoughts on shuttling one kid out the door to make way for the next but I'm just not like that.
Why can't folks just congratulate you on your pregnancy?
I'm sure they mean well but it puts me off. It's as if they are saying to me, did you plan this pregnancy or did he not pull out? Isn't one child enough for you? Do you want to subject yourself to another kid and the insanity? Well, obviously you won't be able to handle two at once so are you going to ship one to school or daycare early? Thanks for the damn vote of confidence people.
To topper is the last comment in this all in one conversation, folks. (I'm so surprised I didn't bust out the crazy Asian woman on her.) "Well, remember, you can't just sit in the house all day and talk baby talk. A person needs to get away from children."
WTF? Ok, I get she was trying to be 'helpful' and meant well but geez. 1. We don't speak baby talk. Never have. Never will. 2. Yes, everyone needs time away from their kids to regroup and maybe shower but I seriously got the feeling she was telling me this to tell me not to have anymore kids. WTF!
I get she was trying to protect people but come one. My husband and I maybe crazy but we know we want and love this baby. Our daughter loves this baby. If anyone is going to make a decision or plans for our family, it's our family. Back off!
I get this person may be scared. I know having more than one kid is even more challenging than the first. I know how rough it was in the beginning with one and adding another will be hard but we're not re-inventing the wheel. We can do this. I may not be socially well off but we'll get by.
The lack of confidence ticks me off. Don't I have enough to worry about? Good golly!