Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I started talking to you

I'm having a hard time eating. I don't recall it like this last time.
I recall some queasiness and some likes and dislikes but it seems more so this time around.
I'm ok with warm clementines in salads now.
Apples are a big hit.
The last three days I've skipped the dinners I made for your sister and dad and ate like a rabbit.
Yesterday your sister fed me carrots, celery and cucumbers.
Meat doesn't seem appealing again.
Pasta isn't appealing.
Eggs are a big hit.
I find that a lollipop to ease queasiness every now and then is helpful.
I still don't feel like this is real.
I think I felt you shifting things to your liking. Your dad says it's too early but I'm fairly certain I felt some movement of things. It may not be you persay but it is definitely shifting.
I had to wear your dad's shirt today. I mean I can still wear my shirts but I'm feeling a little hip-py lately.
I guess I need to start unpacking my maternity clothes in the near future.
There is a lot to plan and think about but I'm in between denial and panic. I know though that things will work out somehow with God's help so I'm trying to keep my wits and remember what your dad said to me when your sister was growing in my belly. He reminded me not to worry to make you worry.
I never want you to worry like that, at least as long as I can hold that out. Life is full of stress and worry. I will try my best to help you get through the normal worries and stress of life but as long as I can, I'll try to keep these things to a minimum for you.
If there is one thing I want for you and your sister, it's to be able to absorb and enjoy life. God gave us so many wonders, ToF. I want you to discover these wonders and continue to learn and ask and experience. As I tell your sister every night, always ask questions. Always read. Always continue to learn and grow wiser, stronger and smarter.
God has blessed your Mommy and Daddy with you and your sister. It is a blessing we are thankful for each and every day and we will do our best to help guide you as the Lord has requested. I love you ToF. I may be scared and nervous and all kinds of normal Mommy worries but my love for you is endless.