Saturday, April 16, 2011

TG loves to take classes.

TG asks to go to classes now. She's asked several times to attend a swim class again. Problem with finding a swim class in NYC, is pool temperature and proximity.
Truth is, if it takes more than an hour to get to the class, it's not worth the hassle. Plus most swimming pools in the city are freaking cold.
The last swim class we went to the temperature was 78 degrees. That might sound warm but when you have an infant or toddler in the pool with you and you really aren't doing laps but more learning to kick and put your face in the water, your lips turn blue, which is exactly what our daughter's lips did.
I think we're going to go for a swim class further downtown but within a reasonable travel distance. We heard good things about this one place in terms of temperature. Of course price is probably much higher.
Another place uptown has classes but they are halting classes as they convert their pool from a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool which should be interesting.
So I'm on a hunt for a swim class for my 2.9 year old.
In the meantime, we also signed up for an art class. We haven't done much art in a group setting. We had fun in our community co-op but DH wasn't keen on continuing the schedule as he's not a routine type of guy. The co-op met on a day when I wasn't available so that went down the drain. I found a class now that meets on a day that I'm free and I can take TG easily. I think she'll enjoy it as she's been into glueing and pasting with me lately.
I try not to sign us up for too many things because she's so young plus, I'm a big proponent of having fun without schedules. We live in a giant park. She has more fun discovering snakes and ants and rocks and plants and I want her to enjoy that.
Still I know at this age, socialization is important so I try to coordinate impromptu playdates and occasional classes in the mix.
That's why I love these voucher passes that some places have where you aren't locked into a specific class. You can pick and choose based on the week what works best for you. I wish more places offered this option.