Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm an emotional mess.

I'm so much more emotional this time around. I try hard not to focus too much on it and remind myself God says not to let anxieties get to me. It's much more difficult now.
I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm worried. I'm delighted. I'm vain this time around. I'm unemotional. I'm a basket case.
I go from one spectrum to the next.
This time, I'm not reading a million books of development and parenting. This time, I'm just trying to keep status quo.
I think that's probably one of the stresses. Once I let that go, I think I'll be ok. I can't think things will be status quo. Nothing is ever status quo. What a boring life that would be.
I'm going to be a good mom. There is no need to fear I will ignore one for the other. I will not fear that I will not be able to give love to more than one child. Love is expanding and I am certain my love for my children will be complete and like no other.
Pantrygirl, did you think your heart could be as big as it is for TG? It will be fine.