Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinosaurs, Oh My!

Today TG and her friend, Carrots, went to a special pre-opening of the Biggest Dinosaur at the Natural History museum.
The whole day, I themed around the event.
In the morning, we read, "Dinosaurs Love Underpants."
As we took a trip to the post office, we talked about what she might see at the new exhibit.
By the time we came home, she was psyched and ready to go.
I told her that she'd need to nap early because the event was in the late afternoon. It took a few reminders but by 1pm, she was out.
We're also starting the new routine of sitting on the potty before we go outside. In the past she was against this but now she knows if we want to go outside, we need to sit in the potty.
So far so good. Consistently, she's going without protest and she's actually going!
This saves me as I don't feel like I need to panic and find a bathroom or carry the portable potty for short trips.
I hope it lasts.
TG woke up exactly two hours later and said, "I"m over here! I'm ready to see the dinosaurs."
She sat on the potty as we multi-tasked and ate our afternoon snack. We got dressed and then walked to Carrot's place to pick him and his mom up.
Carrots was having a slow go after his nap so we sent TG in and the conversation was so freaking adorable.
TG: Hi Carrots!
Carrots: Hi TG!
TG: Are you ready to see the dinosaurs?
Carrots: Yes, I am ready to see the dinosaurs.
TG brought with her her stuffed dinosaur and Jay Raffe, of course. She even shared dinosaur with Carrots.
It was very sweet.