Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My husband seems to be out of it lately. He's lethargic and complains of being tired a lot. He's also lost some color in his face. I think this is his reaction to being a dad to more than one kid.
I know men react differently than women. I know each pregnancy equals a different reaction.
I know that I was afraid to announce it to him because of his last 'hunter/gatherer' reaction. I wasn't quite sure how it would manifest now but I suspect this is part of it.
I've been asking him to go to the gym and workout more to help him but the lethargy has caught me off guard.
Partly because the lethargy could be due to the weather being so grey and awful and partly because it could be a symptom of anxiety.
I'm probably reading into this too much but I'm pregnant and I'm allowed to.