Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stress of Parenthood

I know I should offer opportunities for my husband to participate in this pregnancy. Last time, I would invite him to appointments and tests and procedures.
This time, I feel like if I do, I might set off some weird freak out. I know it's just me. I'm having a hard time trying to separate last pregnancy with this pregnancy.
Last pregnancy was different.
I need to remember that.
The freak outs my husband has are very hunter gatherer like. We went through two cars, potential move out of the city, potential move out of the state, went gym crazy, decided to become an actor again, etc…
I think it's normal but it really freaked me out.
I also think that he's in a different place now then he was then. We all are.
Still, I'm scared.
I did ask him to attend the next set of big tests. Well, I invited him and he seemed gung ho about it. Last time, he seemed more apprehensive. Perhaps because it was unknown and everything unknown can be scary.
I guess we're just both going through our own thing now and at our own pace.