Thursday, April 14, 2011

My own personal alarm clock

My daughter has been consistently waking up at 6am nowadays. We try to tell her to stay in bed until 8:30a. For the most part, she's ok with this as she has every book and toy imaginable with her.
Actually, I suppose 6am isn't bad because that rolls into a 12:30n nap easily and an 7:30p bedtime.
It's funny though her internal clock is pretty on the money.
When does our own internal clock get so out of whack?
I think kids are more intune with their circadian rhythms than us adults.
Now, don't get me wrong, I know I get a good amount of sleep but my family is all over the place. My husband goes to bed around 2am and wakes up at 5-6 to take the dog before he returns to bed. I would love to sleep from 8pm-8am but usually go from 11pm-2am and then back to bed from 4am-8am. What's the deal with old people and waking up in the middle of night? I don't mean the peeing aspect. I mean even after I pee, I still don't go back to sleep right away.