Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heartbeats, Minivans & Peeing in Public

DH and TG attended an ultrasound with me today.
TG seemed to remember the office and even asked to go grocery shopping afterwards. This was something we did last time. She's got a great memory. I'm very happy to see this.
She was very friendly and outgoing with everyone today and I think it helped that we were the only ones there. When it's a large crowd, she tends to reserve herself.
She heard the heartbeat again and seemed quite happy.
DH seemed a bit happy too.
I'm glad.
Afterwards DH asked to check out new cars. "I just want to look. I don't think we'll need one. I don't want you to think I'm going crazy again."
I guess he knows me after 14 years.
We went to appease the caveman in him.
In a funny set of circumstances, he actually liked the minivan. If you know my husband, this is a big thing. My husband swore up and down he'd never get a minivan.
Later we had a mini moment of the toddler has to potty and we don't have the potty seat panic. She quickly rebounded and claimed she didn't want to go anymore. Of course this was after DH purchased a potty seat at the store so now we have two portable potties. Well, at least we can keep one in the car now.
It was quite humorous watching my husband sort of panic when our daughter stopped in her tracks and said, "I have to go pee pee." He ran down the aisle screaming, where can I get a portable potty? I sort of chuckled.
I nearly peed myself when he came running back ripping the plastic sealed container as if he was the Hulk and prepping the potty up for her. Oh, by the way, he apparently thinks that our 2.5 year old still doesn't mind peeing in public. I finally convinced him to let me take her to a nursing room as the public bathrooms still are a no no for her. Nada. Zilch.
By this time, I had to pee so she came with me to the potty. In this public bathroom, they had not only a changing table in the stall but also a mini seat for toddlers to sit in while Mommy goes to the bathroom.
I thought this thing was ingenious and better than sliced bread. TG thought it was a ride and had a blast sitting on the mini seat that was just high enough that her feet were off the ground and she felt it was a cool toy.
Why didn't someone invent and install this doodad sooner and why don't more bathroom stalls have these?