Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas spirit and avoiding grinchiness

This is the year I'm really getting back into the Christmas spirit.  The last few years have been good but this year in particular, I'm really feeling that holly jolliness.  It reminds me a lot about my Dad.  He had faults like all humans but he geniunely wanted to do good and to be a good dad to the best of his abilities.
I remember my Dad taking us downtown for Christmas festivities. 
This year I think TG is old enough to begin these traditions.
We've done some already.  We've gone to Rockefeller but we get to delve into some other items.  I'm pretty psyched.
I know this is an iffy situation.  It can go sour if DH and I wind up having another miscommunication.  So I know I need to be open-minded and roll with the punches.  I suppose it's a good exercise.
I know I can be a bit crazy with my to do lists.