Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spending time watching.

Another long night at the office tonight.  It's getting ridiculous.  I'm really feeling burnt.
I generally don't say anything but I think I need to tomorrow.
I'm also trying to get into a rhythm to help combat these crazy days filled with meetings that prohibits doing anything to prepare for the next day's meetings.
TG has been asking for me a lot since I've been away from her.
She's not clingy but more wanting to be with me and participate with me.  It's a little different than when she was younger.  Now I'm guessing she understands I need to be away but I'll be back and when I'm back, she wants to help me do things that need to get done.
"Mommy go to work?"
"Yes, Mommy go to work."
"Be back later?"
"Yes, TG."
When I get back she wants to help me vacuum and wind the cord up.  She wants to help me empty and fill up the dishwasher.  She wants to sit with me and talk about the day.
She wants me to change her diaper and watch her get dressed. (She can put her pants on and shirt on with minimal assistance.)
It's kind of nice and its the sort of thing I need after a long day staring at the computer or in meetings.