Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

Spent Thanksgiving with my husband's cousins.  It was nice as TG had some young kids (3, 5, 6) to play with.  It was also nice because we had older kids (15+) that fawned over her.  This allowed this Mommy to have a beer and relax a little.
This year, TG started to eat mashed potatoes.  For a while it was a no go on mashed potatoes but this year she seemed rather keen on it.
Only mishap was when the 3 year old decided she was tired of the 2.5 year old and locked her in the bathroom.  We heard banging and she was rescued by her second cousin, Monica.  She settled down after a few minutes of cuddling and then she went off with the older cousin girls.  Apparently every time they walked near the bathroom, she would hold her cousin's hands and point out that she was 'stuck in the potty over there'.
I'm actually pretty proud she got over it rather quickly and was even able to express what had happened.
That's my girl.
She also was in awe at her second cousin's bedroom which is completely Thomas the Engine-fied.  I  think she had more fun with the 5 year old boy's room than the 3 year old girl's room.  She did seem thrilled at the dollhouse.  Perhaps that will be her birthday present?  I think she's still a bit too young for one though.
I spent 30 minutes giving the 2.5, 3 and 5 year old rides on a ride along police car.  Apparently I provided the thrust.  Boy howdy did they love that.  TG sat inside and steered while the 5 year old boy rode on the hood and the 3 year old ballerina rode on the side.
We went home and we had a quiet Thanksgiving meal as well.  Of course, this means we have Thanksgiving eats for the rest of the weekend.  Usually, I'm pretty psyched about that but this year, I suppose all the cooking at 5am put a damper on it for me because I'm really not looking forward to turkey all weekend.  At least I only made enough for the weekend.