Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jolly Holiday

Wonderful day today.  It was a day that even a trifecta of our car being towed, cell phone batteries dying and a massive poop explosion that beats any newborn or infant blow out couldn't get me down.
We went downtown and TG experienced watching an ice skating performance.  She saw one last year at Rockefeller Center but I think she was still too young to process it all.
This year she was extremely responsive and descriptive. She at first described it as rollerskating.  She still confuses it a bit but she understands the concept.  She described the spinning and backwards skating and even told me when the girls skated in a circle.
TG seemed to really enjoy the Zamboni machine as well.  She called it the Boney Machine and said it 'cleans the ice'.  Man do I hope this whole cleaning phase lasts.
We were watching a juggling troupe when TG turned and exclaimed, "Like Daddy."  As soon as we she said that we met up with DH and watched the rest of the juggling and a few more entertainers before we saw what DH and I and probably every parent there was looking forward to, a performance by Bob Dorough.  If you were a SchoolHouse Rock fan, you are a Bob Dorough fan.
TG has been listening to "Three is a Magic Number" since she was born so when he started to sing, she stopped in her tracks.  She had this stillness that said, "Hmm, how does he know that song?"  She then jumped onto the stage and danced along.  She also seemed to enjoy the jazz standards which only confirms she heard these aplenty while she was incubating in my belly.
We ended the day with TG's first taste of hot chocolate.  She seemed to be taken aback by the term "hot chocolate" but as soon as took the first sip, she was hooked.   I thought ending the 1st holiday family outing with some hot chocolate seemed appropriate.  I'm glad we did.