Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm shopping for a dog coat. A dog coat.

My dog just ran into me at maybe 10 mph and I swear I'm going to have a bruise on my calf.
My dog so needs to go out an expend some energy.  In less than a week we can start walking her outside and potty training her.  Of course since she has no fur, we need to introduce to her a coat and possibly booties.
Yes, I've had dogs before and yes my dogs have worn booties on occasion but never a coat.  I can't express how I'm really sort of embarrassed about this.
I always thought coats and apparel for dogs was a bit kooky and slightly ridiculous.  Now I find myself shopping, yes shopping for a coat for my dog.  Tasha has no fur, just hair, so the vet said we need to keep her warm during the chilly winter months here in NYC.
That doesn't help me deal with the embarrassment I have shopping and eventually going out with a dog with a coat on.  I guess the embarrassment is something I need to get over.  It's purely based on my ideas that people who put clothes on their pets are either slightly short of a full stack or for the lack of a better word, 'richie'.  (I have watched 'Pretty in Pink' one too many times.)
I am so not in the 'richie' category which only means I may be slightly kooky.  I suppose I could live with kooky.  At least I'm not the kind of kooky where I'm talking to inanimate objects and collecting used candy wrappers.  Oh great, I've probably doomed myself.