Monday, November 22, 2010

A sprinkle here. A sprinkle there.

My kid pooped in the potty for the first time.  Of course this was the end to an hour block in which I had pee pawprints behind me and toddler pee footprints in front of me.
TCFC and daughter came over and well, the puppy became so excited she jumped onto her and peed next to my daughter's piano.
Then as I was finishing cleaning that up, I went to TG's play kitchen to find her friend had an accident and so I had to take her clothes off and dry her up and then clean up the foam mats and floor.  As I finished that, TG tried to take her clothes off to join the pee festivities and then the pup continued to pee as if she had just drank a venti latte.
In the midst of the great pee fountain that my apartment has turned into, my daughter decides to push me away and asked for that mommy.  Way to make me feel better, espeically since that's the TCFC Neighbor.
Seriously, I need a pee break.
Oh and what is it about kids and how they have to be completely stark naked to pee?  Seriously, I even have to take off necklaces and barrettes so she can go to the bathroom.