Thursday, November 04, 2010

Who has time for holiday crazies?

The days are getting crazier and crazier and I feel as though days are melding into each other.  I'd like to say it's the holiday crazies but I'm too busy with everything else to do anything holiday oriented.  Between DH's school and my work and a toddler and a puppy in the house, it's just been a whole lot of poop and pee.
Oh and for the love of God, can someone tell me why my puppy is eating her poop?  It's is the most heinous thing in the world.  Our vet says no one really knows and what not.  He says it's a keeping clean thing he surmises.
We have 4 more weeks before we can allow her to go outside.  Although the idea of having to take her out every 3-4 hours in between everything else I need to schedule into my day is not exciting, I will be glad to get ready of these freaking wee wee pads.
I've changed her diet to no corn, no fillers and added pumpkin.  I don't know if that works like some articles have suggested because, well, I'm the only one doing that.  DH is giving her regular food and not adding pumpkin.
Whatever.  I have pumpkin leftover and it's not going to last for pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving so the pup gets a treat.
Oh and can someone give me a suggestion for a side dish to bring to Thanksgiving? 
I told my mom that I really can't handle two thanksgivings for awhile.  I explained with a toddler it's really hard to do more than 1 major event in a day.  I think she understood.  She gave me a massive guilt trip last year I was afraid of her reaction.
So we're just going to DH's but I usually bring a veggie dish.  I brought Julia Child's Ratatouille last year.  I haven't been hit with an inspiration bug yet for a dish.