Friday, November 05, 2010

Can bear to be home a little more often now.

I alluded to my husband a concern I have with DH having an open door policy with a neighbor mom and her daughter recently.
Honestly, I really don't have a huge concern.  I have a concern but not an antenna raising concern.  Ever since I mentioned it to him, I think he's been simmering down with the visits and open door policy. 
I think DH is really into her because he feels that he can rely on her for things like dropping off our kid at their place.  Personally, I don't feel comfortable about that and only because not two days into their move, my husband started to do so.
Anyway, it's still a bone of contention with us but I noticed a different air about his fights with me about her.  It's not longer about how I don't like his friends or that I have don't know how to be neighborly.
I'm not feeling as claustrophobic or fearful of staying at home these days.  Maybe that's slowing my uneasiness.