Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting too jazzed about the holidays. Hope I don't burn out.

Our dog gets snipped tomorrow.  We are one step closer to getting a green light to start walking her.  I cannot wait.  I am very tired of cleaning up pee and poop in her little potty area as TG calls it.
On one hand it's easier as I'm not dressing my kid up in winter clothes and taking our dog our to walk every few hours but between TG pottying and the dog pottying, I'm living in a latrine.
Plus, I have no idea where I'm going to put the tree.  I have to say though my idea of putting all the breakable and sentimental ornaments away in storage and buying a fake tree and shatterproof ornaments seems like the right move.  Sure I miss my ornaments but I figure in a few years, I can pull them out and TG and I can go through them and hang them up together and share the stories of each one.
The tree is the last thing on my mind as 1) Thanksgiving hasn't come and gone yet and 2) I'm just too excited about creating a holiday to do list with TG.