Friday, July 23, 2010

Maybe I am antisocial.

I've given up today.
Between a dentist's appointment and a visit to see great grand aunts and uncles, her naps were out of whack. I had hoped that we'd head home and have dinner at 5pm and bed at 6pm.
Of course, one of her friends has a major meltdown in front of our building screaming for her. So I relent and allow them to come up to visit.
Then another friend wakes up and wants to come over.
She was a hot mess and throughout their visit, she just kept asking to go to bed or to eat because she was both, hungry and tired.
She begs for a piece of cheese even though she's had her share but because she's starving and it's more nutritious than giving her a cracker, I give it to her.
Then she starts bellowing bed.
I finally had to kick everyone out.
I hope the parents understood.
But now I just completely gave up because it's 8:33pm and she's completely exhausted and can't settle.
Parents know what I'm talking about. We're in the bedroom and she's just wired. Usually I try to be patient and tell her that she can play quietly but I don't have it in me now. Every ten minutes she wants a drink of water or pasta. I fed her some pasta (in the bedroom a big no no but I just don't have the strength today to get her to sit and have dinner in the dining room while she's completely tired.). I brought a glass of water into the bedroom for her.
I even told her she can brush her teeth in bed without toothpaste tonight.
I have no energy to put her in her pjs.
Our elderly dog is sticking to me like glue because the thunderstorms are frightening her. I'm pushing our dog off the bed, calming our dog down while trying to keep our daughter in it.