Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Stage Two

Today my daughter officially moves out of the ages in months group.
All I can remember about this day is how 'No' was the most used word in her vocubulary.
Welcome to the twos.
Highlights include:
1. Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Breakfast.
Thought it would be a treat.
I even used a cookie cutter to cut out hearts.
She ate the scraps on my plate instead and picked out the chocolate chips and threw them on her plate and gave them to me.
Go figure.
2. Her excitement at her renovated kitchen.
3. Her excitement at receiving a helium balloon.
4. Her excitement at receiving a handy dandy notebook.
5. Both of us making her birthday cake.
6. Her refusing to eat her birthday cake.
7. Her birthday dance party. She wanted to dance when her Daddy came home and didn't stop for 30 minutes! She even dj'd.
8. DH asking me after two years what labor was like.