Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Two of Operation Take Back Sleeptime

Today we continued our shift back to routine for TG. The biggest hurdle to tackle is the sleeping routine. It has been so topsy turvy since the beginning of the summer. I knew partly it was my fault for not being stern about adhering to it. I was falling into the notion that I was being to strict but now even the doc is telling us that we should have never strayed and we need to get back to it.
So today DH's goal with quiettime or naptime from 1-3pm. Naptime didn't happen but she had quiettime if you count her singing to her dad for 2 hours straight.
Anyway, the saving grace was we were watching her friend in the late afternoon so when I came home she didn't come running towards me and asking to take a nap. That's always brutal for me. I freaking love naps and her I am denying my child a nap.
Anyway, TG asked to go to bed right after dinner which was at 6pm. By 7pm we were in the bedroom again as per TG's request. Guess my doc was right, my kids likes her routine.
She nursed and fell asleep around 7:15 and didn't wake up again until 9:30 but she did a full wake up and stayed in the bedroom in the dark until finally passing out again at 11pm which means she considered the first session her nap.
We can't cut her pm nap out. She needs it. I need it.
She had a fitful night of it too. From 11 to 11:45p she kept screaming and whining in her sleep. I rubbed her back until she finally fell into a peaceful slumber at 11:45pm. By that time, I was exhausted.
I got out of bed, made dinner for my husband and myself (yes, I've been trying to have dinner with him again which means I have to cook at odd hours) and we ate and watched a 30 minute program. Actually, DH passed out 20 minutes into the program.
I cuddled on the floor next to him and then got up around 1am and went to the bedroom.
TG woke up at 9:30am.
I hope tomorrow is better.