Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Let me do it"

It rings clear as day. My daughter is two and her favorite phrase is, "Let me do it." You'd think hearing these words from your child would be thrilling and exciting. Not at this stage. At this stage it's a test of an adult's patience. See, you can't just do it. You have to let them do it and their motor skills may not be quite there yet. But you need to let them try. So you sit there and watch trying to allow them the time to learn and accomplish it because that smile on their face when they do it is remarkable.
An hour and half later, you're still sitting in the foyer as your child has gotten one shoe on but is struggling with the other. You can't get up because she says, "No! Sit." So you watch and begin counting the dust bunnies under your shoe rack that have multiples exponentially since you sat down.
But gosh darnit, that smile is so worth it.