Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting back to our routine

So the doc said that we need to get back to our sleep routine from her 1st year. During her 1st year we had two naps and bedtime at 7:30pm. She wants us to have one nap and bedtime at 7:30pm.
She thinks this is what TG's body needs and because she hasn't been having it, she's been all kinds of grumpy
Doc: I don't care if she skips dinner and just nurses for dinner. She needs to get back to her old routine. You guys were doing well with it and she seems to be happier this way. Don't get lax and think she's older now. She still needs her routine and you may have to do the brunt of this. She seems to think Daddy equals playtime.
So today I begin again.
She had a nap from 2-3pm today.
She asked for bed at 7pm.
I brought her in and told her that it's nighttime now and that means we go to bed and stay in the bedroom.
I locked the door, turned off the lights, put on her lullaby cd and we nursed in bed.
Then at 7:30pm, DH accidenttally calls my cell and startles TG up. I tell her she can stay up if she isn't tired but she must play quietly in the bedroom and that Mommy would be napping in bed. Thank you Martha Sears. I can hear her climbing onto the vanity and brushing her hair. I could hear her shuffling through her books in the dark. Finally at 8:30pm, she crawled into her bed and said she was tired and asked for milk.
I nursed her and by 8:45pm she was out. I delatched her and went outside.
At 9:45pm she woke up but she soothed herself back to sleep.
At 10:45pm she woke up and came outside. I stopped her in the hallway and without a word carried her back to bed and nursed her back to bed. She was out within 10 minutes but refused to delatch. I finally was able to flip her over, delatch and rub her back until she settled into slumber.
She woke up again at 12:45am (what can I say, my kid is punctual) but screaming this time. I came in and rubbed her back and nursed her back to bed again.
Then I passed out.
I think she woke up twice during the night but some back rubs and nursing got her back to slumber within minutes.
She woke up at 8:45am happy as a clam and energized.
The big test now is the daytime nap which is on DH's shift.