Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Three of Operation take back Sleeptime

Today we hit a setback.
First she didn't get back home for her afternoon nap until 1:30 leading to a missed window and barely any naptime. She did have quiettime though and she did stay in the bedroom.
Nighttime though so far doesn't look good.
First, because of family business we were detained and didn't make it home until 8:18pm. Because she didn't get home until 1:30p, she missed her lunch so we couldn't skip dinner.
So as I type this, my husband is in the bedroom feeding our daughter some ground turkey tomato sauce in the hopes it will fill her belly so she won't be starving and tired.
Alot of times I feel like my husband's view on sleeping affects how he parents sleeptime. As a child he felt like he missed out on things and thus never slept. To this day, he really doesn't sleep. He crashes hard and usually in inopportune times .
Anyway, I think since he doesn't like to nap and sleep, he really finds it hard to put the effort to make sleeptime a good productive time.
I know it works out because we are opposites and we balance each other out but it's really tough for me to feel like I hold the bag.
It's sort of how I feel about the whole pottying business.
I keep telling myself that we use our strong suits to help raise a strong, independent , confident child. He's great with physical playing and I'm good with sleeping, arts and crafts and who knows maybe pottying.