Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get your petri dish away from ours, please

We've been on a 10 day long wait and see. The tenth day will hit this weekend.
3 of my daughter's closest buddies contracted Coxsackie Virus, aka Hand, Foot, Anus and Mouth Virus.
I noticed something was up with one of her friends on Tuesday but the parent didn't seem phased. On Wednesday, there was another playdate. There was chatter of the virus from one of the parents and I reminded my husband to make sure TG did not share anything and afterwards must have her hands and face washed.
On Friday I received a voice message from one of her friends that her son and their other friend was sick and that she confirmed it was the wonderful virus. I felt awful for her. The message was one of those messages as a parent you hate to leave and as a recipient I knew that I wasn't the first in a list of playmates she had to call.
I think as a parent, we know that we all will have to do that at some point so I completely sympathized with her.
The good thing for her though was that since the two boys both contracted the same virus, they could happily play with each other if not in between meltdowns because of the rash and fever.
Our doc immediately said we need to wait the 2-10 day incubation period to ensure that TG did not have the virus. In the meantime, 14 days without her playmates. 2 of her playmate's doc's confirmed our peds recommendation.
TG and I, yes both of us, immediately sanitized her toys and play area and cleaned up any stuffies that were shared during their Tuesday playdate.
I've been keeping TG busy with trips and arts and crafts but DH is really antsy and wants her to start playing with her friends again.
Still my husband is taking all preventative measures, especially after he heard from one of the father's that his son's mouth was filled with canker-like sores and he's just a hot mess.
Still, one parent keeps texting asking when our children can play.
I appreciate that parents like my child and want our children to play. I think playtime is very important.
But I also appreciate it when folks, like my son's playmate call me and tell me of suspected illness. It's a hard call but we're parents and we need to stick together. There is a reason that illnesses cycle back. Yes, this illness isn't as serious as other illnesses but precautions are precautions.