Thursday, July 01, 2010

I'd probably stay in the bath all day if I could too, TG

It is so hot and humid in the city my daughter has been asking for baths twice daily.
She'll even request a 'booty wash' (sometimes when a poop is so big, wipes just won't cut it).
It's got me thinking it time again to overhaul the bath toys.
I'm a big stickler about replacing the toys often. I think the bathroom is a breeding ground for mold and mildew especially in our apartment so I replace them often.
I also run them through the dishwasher as well.
She's taken to washing her toy walrus who she has named, aptly, Walter. I asked her what was the walrus' name and she said something that sounded like Walter. So now he's officially Walter.
She also likes to keep a dry wash cloth on the ledge so she can wipe the eyes of her tugboat, rubber duckies and Walter.
It's making me think I may have to get her a bath tub doll to wash.
Of course this means I have to find a PVC, phthalate-free type of doll for her baths. I think I found one. It has vinyl but I'm hoping if I air it out and only use it in the bath it won't be so bad. It's PVC and phthalate free as per several sites so we'll see.