Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well I think I'm ready at least

Around 18 months, I introduced TG to the potty. I didn't expect much. I purchased it and told her what it was for in the hopes that she would sit in it and imitate Mommy while I was indisposed. See, my child, like most, seems to have a potty radar. She knew when I had to go and at that very moment, would climb all over me and refuse to let me go in peace.
The potty was wonderful. She's sit on the potty with a potty book and pretend to read it while I was in the potty. No more sitting in the potty with a squirmy child on my lap.
Occasionally we even had a morning pee in the potty. I was so proud.
Flashfoward and the only thing my child will put in the potty now is her stuffed animal. She refuses to sit on the potty now.
This wouldn't be an issue but she is showing more and more signs she's ready to try sitting on the potty for real.
She tells me when she has gone.
She tells me when she has to go occasionally.
She fights me when I try to put a fresh diaper on her.
So I think it's time.
I have a problem though. I was planning to go the three day sequestered in the house sans diaper route. DH thinks that is disgusting and wants an alternative. Actually DH said that TG isn't ready. "Before you think of doing anything, don't you think she should at least poop once in the potty before we go sans diaper?" Darling, it's not like kids one day say, "Hey, why the heck am I pooping in this absorbent diaper? I wish there was a receptacle of some sort where I can freely poop." I think you just have to go sans diaper and explain to the tot where we go to pee and poop. They'll be accidents but I bet a kid would probably prefer to sit in a potty than soil themselves. With diapers, they just don't get that sense of soiled.
Anyway, I think DH probably just isn't ready.
DH: I think when we do it we just carry the potty everywhere we go and just go for it.
Hence my new toddler gear list. So now I'm off to research and buy a portable potty, portable potty bags, training underpants (apparently they say at least 6-9 pairs) and a bottle of wine for Mommy and Daddy.
I wonder if I'm being too logical and kids don't think that way. In my mind I think TG will soil herself, not like it, I'll tell her the next time she has to pee to let me know and hopefully she'll catch on.
I know DH isn't ready so I'm just doing the preparations but I'm fairly certain we are just about ready.
Wonderful, not even a week old am and we've got sleep issues, independence testing and potty training on our learn and grow list.