Tuesday, July 27, 2010

B is for Blanket

My daughter has found the comforts of a blanket but only for a brief period.
Until she was 22-23 months old, my child disliked to be covered.
She stayed swaddled for maybe 3-4 months after which time we would find different appendages unwrapped.
I figure it was because she was a summer baby. For the first six months of her life, she practically lived in kimono tops and a diaper. Most moms were bundling up their precious packages. Mine was living large in a white kimono top, diaper and occasional swaddle.
It never bothered me as I figured is was one less thing for me to be neurotic about. I'm sure I'd be up instead of trying to capture some sleep worrying whether or not the blanket would cover her face and smother her.
As she grew older I realized she was like her dad. My husband is a furnace when he sleeps. Before child, many a nights you could find my husband shirtless (why are men shirtless and women topless?) turning beet red from heat while I was wrapped like a sausage in my blanket.
Sharing a family bed, I realized my blanket was being replaced by two human blankets.
Well, nearly two years later and I'm getting my blanket back. Of course the environment is suffering for it but I'm going to savor this for a bit.
My daughter likes to have a blanket on her when she sleeps with the air conditioner on. For about 2.5 hours she'll sleep all cozy and sausage like but just before she wakes up for a back rub, diaper change or nursing session, she slowly wiggles her way out of her sausage casing and even pulls her shirt up like her father does, exposing her tummy.
I have no idea what that's about but I figure her it has to be hereditary.
I have no idea how long this will go on but I'm savoring being able to share a blanket with TG. Sure, it's still a small one in comparison but there is something about a blanket enveloping you as you enter slumber. It's like a giant hug.