Monday, November 19, 2007

Starchs Good. Garlic Bad.

Hello Bean!

I wore maternity pants to work today! Man does that make you less self conscious your pants will fall off or that you look like you're in a sausage casing!

Then again, I dressed down today so i also wore an untucked button down shirt.

This is very unusual for me and several people commented. I told them honestly that I planned to spend the day under desks and work stations working on PCs and most people accepted the answer.

I normally don't work on PCs. I'm not a hardware person but I did have to go to test a script push on individual PCs scattered throughout the campus. The odds I'd be on the floor under desks would be slim but it was a good excuse and I did wind up going under two desks at two separate locations so I wasn't actually fibbing.

I know alot of the bump is bloat now but I'm still reluctant to button my pants to the point of discomfort.

I'm happier with a skirt or a dress but it's getting colder. In fact, it snowed for the first time today. I guess that's your first snow, baby bean. They were big chunky flakes but they didn't stick.

In a few days you get to celebrate your first Thanksgiving meal! I'm making basics. I'm sure you'll like it as most of what I make is what your dad likes.

I've noticed that you really enjoy the foods dad likes. You're a big fan of potatoes and crackers.

I'm having a hard time eating meat but I know the protein is necessary for your growing body. I try to eat at least one or two pieces of protein a day but I know it's been difficult for me.

I never thought that would happen because I'm a big meat eater but I guess our tastes are a little different.

I've also noticed your not keen on garlic and onions as much as I am. Last night, the smell of the chopped onions made me gag a little.

You don't mind onions in your salad though. It's very odd.