Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another pee stick, another positive

I took another test today. Yup, it's still positive. This time though, I'm not as freaked. I'm still emotional and really nervous. I barely could hold it together at church. I didn't expect the number one emotion to be fear and nervousness.

Hubby asked me how I felt today, "Better now that I could speak to you," I said. He later caught me rummaging through a "What to expect when expecting' I borrowed from the lending library in our building. I picked it up while he walked the dogs.

"What are you reading?" "Symptoms of pregnancy." "Are you trying to get pregnant?" "No, I'm not trying to get pregnant." "So you think you're pregnant?" "Yes, we talked about this last night."

I'm guessing this is the it's not real 'til it's real that I've been told is a male reaction to pregnancy.

I plan to call the Ob on Monday to schedule an appointment. Do I invite him to come along? Is it premature?

DH went to the gym to exercise and clear the air. While he was away, he had a dozen of the most beautiful smelling roses delivered to me. It made my day.