Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Your first Thanksgiving ended successfully. I was worried mom would be aware but she wasn't. I guess what they say is true, most people will not notice.

I made more than I thought I would but it worked out in the end. Mom made yummy pumpkin soup. I asked her to make soup for Christmas. Maybe it can become a tradition.

I was very exhausted volunteering today. The pain in my butt muscle came back while standing up. I had to take a break and sit for bit before the guests arrived.

Instead of carrying the trays this time, I was head waitress and needed to make sure the waiters served in an orderly fashion.

It was nice. It made me think of how I'd like you to participate in this one day as well. It's alot of fun and you leave happy that you met such nice people and that there are others like you who want to help and do good.

Thanksgiving shouldn't be a time of gluttony and shopping but a time of giving back. I hope I instill some of that in you.