Thursday, November 08, 2007


I passed out like a rock yesterday as usual. I had a glass of chocolate milk and reclined on the big sofa. The next thing I know I recall your dad coming to sit by my feet and that was it.

I woke up at 6am, an hour past my usual wake up when I wake up on the couch. I went to bed but I just couldn't sleep. I was so restless. My body was tired but my brain was on jog mode. Sorry baby bean. Hope you had a better night's sleep.

I finally passed out at 7 but woke up at 7:45 to the sound of construction workers outside the bedroom window. The building is in the final stages of repointing work. Normally, the noise doesn't bother me but today, I was very peeved.
Today I had the first queasy feeling. Someone at the office was nuking some lunch. I had to close the door to my office. It's now 2:37, 2 hours after my usual lunch time since I found out you were living in me and I can't get the courage to eat my lunch. The idea of putting food in my mouth is not sitting well.

I find I'm more comfortable in dresses and stockings at this stage. It's not that you're popping out yet. The books say it's mainly stuff shifting to make room for you but I'm still more comfortable with no elastic around the belly.

Your dad is nearly complete with his second gift for you. He's been working and researching diligently.

Last night your dad and I talked about your grandmoms. We're both certain both of them will spoil you rotten.

Your dad is certain your MaMa will want to move in to help settle you in once you make your presence into this big world. This is a bit scary and too 'Everybody Loves Raymond' for us.

That will happen in due time. For now, enjoy the accommodations and let me know if you need anything, baby bean.
I went back to the treadmill today. I haven't been back since that scare on Monday. I was still nervous so I jogged for 15 minutes and power walked for 15. I didn't do any bike. Dad needed help getting directions to pick up your gift.

Today, I learned that orange juice cut with water is pretty tasty. I haven't had cravings yet but I do notice certain foods taste really good. Today it was orange juice cut with water. A few days ago jasmine rice was rocking.