Saturday, November 03, 2007


Something doesn't feel normal with my body. I'm only a week late but still.

I peed on a stick yesterday before I met Jude's for dinner and an African dance class. Essentially the scene was me running home from work, changing, peeing on a stick, walking the dogs, coming back to see the stick with 2 lines, complaining these tests are too expensive to be inaccurate and then hopping the train to Chelsea.

I then proceeded to try to understand a man who spoke extremely limited English. Now, I'm not saying I'm a wallflower or lacking in rhythm but clearly my butt has not experienced the movement that was needed to perform African dancing competently.

This one girl was phenomenal. She kept trying in vain to show me how to move it just so. I'm pretty sure a few of these girls religiously take the class and as I newbie, I should understand this is not going to be something I'll pick up in one lesson. Still, it was incredible to see these girls move so quickly and in rhythm.

I'd try it again but hopefully with someone who speaks a bit more English and at a studio where they mop the floors a bit more. I soaked my feet for a half hour when I got home to get the dirt off.

I finally vented and let my apprehensions and fears out to hubby. All day I kept thinking the timing was not ideal and that I'm closing the door on so much for my husband and myself. I realized I was scared most of all that my relationship with him would be changed forever and not for the best.

I think he took it well. I was such an emotional basket case he couldn't be anything else but open and calming. I know I will need to give him time to absorb it all.

I need to schedule an appointment with the doctors. Hopefully we'll get a definitive. For now, I'm running to the drugstore for prenatals just in case and I'm skipping the wine.