Sunday, November 18, 2007

I should enjoy eating more

Hey Baby Bean. The last two days I was at a work retreat. I was too exhausted for anything.

I spent most the day catching up on rest. Your dad joined me for an afternoon nap.

My belly is growing again. This time it doesn't feel weird. Maybe I'm getting used to it. My waist though is slowly disappearing.

I wonder if I'm growing too fast. At the same time everything I read says and my instinct says to follow my body's instinct.

I've learned now that you're really hungry when I get nauseous. It's a weird, I'm hungry yet want to throw up feeling. I'm slowly timing my meals to avoid that feeling.

Plus, before you, baby bean, I really didn't have 3 full meals a day. So between the two, I guess I would grow a bit bigger.

We'll see what the doc says. I would be hard pressed to deny you food though, baby bean. You're growing and need your nutrients. I need my nutrients to give you a safe home to grow.