Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Location, location, location

You know how they say women go into pregnancy/parent mode immediately? Well, I don't think it's that we get there immediately but that we're sort of forced into it more quickly as we're the center of the action.

Men on the other hand are side line players waiting at the wings. They're the catcher and we're the pitcher. [i]Forgive the bad analogy.[/i]

I was given the advice to tell your dad in a way he would have some space to absorb the whole, "We're having a baby."

I texted him the picture of you. He knew I was going to confirm but I figured the picture would be a visual aid for him.

If you remember a few weeks back, he left work early and immediately proceeded to research your second gift, Sam, the Toyota Prius.

Well, now that your 7 weeks into the world and dad has heard your heartbeat. Dad has moved to 'Captain/Defender' of the ship. Call him Captain Dad.

He's researching and planning and organizing. That isn't anything new for your dad but what's new for me is how his views have changed and how smoothly they have changed.

Your dad is a big city guy. He loves NYC. When I first met him, there was no other place he could think of to live but in NYC.

When he started his research to find a place in the city for us, he looked everywhere. He even checked out Brooklyn and Queens. He even looked at New Jersey. [i]One day you'll understand how big this is for your dad.[/i]

They are all still in the running but your dad said something last night that turned the page for me. He said, "I want our baby to grow up with family. I want our baby to be surrounded by loved ones and I want a backyard for us to play in."

Dad and I grew up differently. I lived in a suburban house with a backyard. Your dad lived in several apartments and moved constantly.

But the one thing we both always had was family surrounding us.

Your dad was an only child but he was spent many a days with your Great Aunt/Uncle's kids. In fact, I think of your cousin Dave as more as an brother to your dad.

My cousins and aunts and uncles were always at my house growing up. It was tradition to spend a few weeks during the summer together crammed together.

I think your dad wants that for you too.

To do that, dad knows we need to move out of the city. Strangely enough, what was a tough battle with him before you arrived has now become something he is freely willing to do.

See baby bean, you've wormed your way into your dad's heart already and you're only .8 inches long!

I may be on the mound but your dad is right there through every step and we can't wait to meet you.