Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Custard and Mugs

Ok, some asked about my Christmas dinner. I usually list it. This year it was small but still very delicious.
Turkey (deliciously brined) I think it was the best brine job I’ve done in a while.
French cut string beans with shallots and garlic a bit spicy and hot but crunchy and delicious.
Creamed corn First thing to disappear, every year.
Mashed potatoes With the gravy, I could have just eaten that.
My mother’s sweet and sour crunchy pork chops Instead of soup, mom made these yummy 1” thick chops. Mmm good.
Dessert was chocolate cherry trifle. In the words of Joey Tribbiani, “What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good! “

Ok, back to the mug. In my last post, I told you how much I love that mug. I love that mug. I truly love that mug. It goes right up there with our wedding invitation mugs. For our wedding invitations, we sent everyone mugs with photos of us during our first communions. We photoshopped them so it looked like we were standing next to each other.
Well, not 24 hours later, I broke the cup. Expletives upon expletives spewed forth as I realized the calamity. I dropped the mug and it shattered into mini pieces of itself as my husband just looked at me with this look that said, “My wife is an absolute klutz. No wonder her Wii Fit age is ‘ancient’.”
I am so disappointed. DH said I would get another cup. So now with the after Christmas sales, I’m hoping to get a replacement cup at a bargain price.
You know, I’ve been stocking up on back ups for items BG has taken a strong interest too. Maybe I should get a back up lovey for myself too. LOL.