Friday, December 12, 2008

Love lets the other one win

Ok, I’ll admit, I had a hard time with this one. I’m sure most would. In fact, I failed this one miserably.
I gave in and allowed my husband to win because deep down inside, I knew he was right. I made a big deal out of nothing more than my own insecurities. I won’t go into detail but my insecurities led me to stress out and stress everyone else out. I later became Ms. Negativity and that’s when my husband blew a gasket and let me have it. He scolded me and I just sat there and took it because I knew he was right.
I felt foolish that my insecurities got the best of me and felt deserved of the scolding but under different circumstances, I would have fought him tooth and nail and it wouldn’t have ended pretty. In fact, the whole night would have been shot and we’d probably both feel equally crappy. At least he felt better that he told me how he felt and I didn’t prolong the hard feelings.
Could I do it again? Sure. It would be tough but I think I could. I think it’s important to stop and think why am I feeling this way before reacting. In this example, I was angry because of my insecurities. It wasn’t my husband but me and because I stopped and realized that, I didn’t continue the fight. I let if fizzle out. If I didn’t always get defensive, perhaps things that may have turned into battles will just be discussions. Time will only tell.